Katina Powell Should Face Jail Time Rather Than Writing Books

It is no doubt that the escort Katina Powell is nothing but a common sex offender. From prostitution to sex trafficking. The woman who wrote Breaking Cardinal Rules and exposed the sex scandal involving the Louisville Men’s Basketball team has caused the NCAA’s sanctions against Louisville. It is no doubt that Louisville will lose it’s appeal and will be punished severely.

Seeing Powell hogging up the local media lately disgusts me knowing what she’s done. She should be in jail right now instead of bragging about her time as a escort. We get it, you’re a harlot who should be a registered sex offender. Andre McGee, a scumbag mastermind of the scandal…should go down too.

What do you think? Should she be held accountable? If so, you can sign the petition.

Arrest and prosecute Katina Powell for her role of sex scandal


Dear bus drivers, stop saying “you’re welcome” everytime someone doesn’t say thank you

Like seriously, enough with the sarcastic “you’re welcome” already. You’re being just as rude as the person who failed to say thank you, especially saying it in a nasty, hostile tone. I am one of those people who don’t thank the bus driver when I get off the bus. And no, that doesn’t mean I lack common courtesy or etiquette, in fact I only say thank you depending on the situation, like holding the door for me when my hands are full, doing countless things for me without me knowing, coming to my defense while getting my ass kicked, etc.. I have no reason to do so since I’m the one paying the goddamn bus fare. It’s not like I’m riding the bus for free. Nothing thankful about it. Instead of sarcastically saying “you’re welcome” how about thanking us instead since we’re the ones signing your paycheck cause without us you wouldn’t have a damn job. I am starting to think that “You’re welcome ” is a new jerky way of saying “Thank you, have a nice day.”

I have witnessed this kind of behavior in Indianapolis, Cincinnati and even in my hometown Louisville. It is extremely unprofessional. It happened to me a while back which is why I am writing this blog about it. One time, this female bus driver barked out  “YOU”RE WELCOME” at me as I was exiting the bus.  I was about to tell her to fuck off, but instead I gave her the cold stare.

I find it hypocritical to react to someone’s rudeness. I can guaranteed you that there was a time in your life that you forgot to say thank you. If you want to get someone to say thank you, you can try saying something like “thank you have a nice day.” That’s just much better than a smart-assed “You’re welcome.”